About the Book

Welcome to the website devoted to news and updates pertaining to the book, That Nation Might Live. Why did I write it? The Life of Lincoln has been viewed from so many angles, yet curiously, the stepmother largely responsible for the man we’ve come to revere, the one he referred to as his best friend, is a stranger to us. Without Sarah Bush Lincoln, there’s no Abraham Lincoln. And because of him, That Nation Might Live.

My hope is to entice all to enjoy the Lincoln story, with a pinch of subversion that the reader might learn of a great struggle, true horror and awful sacrifice, and then improbable triumph. The result shapes the daily life of modern, multi-cultural America.

The Old World monarchies referred to our little experiment in self-government as mobocracy. Had Lincoln failed, government of the people, by the people, and for the people may well have perished from the earth. He did not fail. Glorious mob rule lives on.

If I can make this story more inviting, for those who enjoy history and those utterly bored by it, then I feel like I’ve done something good.